Thursday, October 18, 2012

Free {Cancer} Stuff!

Yesterday was a day for free cancer stuff! It started with me actually sleeping through the night for the first time since the night before my surgery. It was glorious! Sadly it was only a 1 night thing but I still enjoyed it!

I woke up to this email from Cleaning for a Reason. (Yes I did go back to bed after George and Mackenzie left and woke up at almost 10:30am!)

 I was so surprised I actually got matched with a maid service because this area is so large and there were only a couple of participating maid services. They don't keep your name on a wait list so if your application expires you have to start the process all over again. It wouldn't have been a big deal. I definitely would have tried again. But I'm so excited to get FREE maid service once a month for FOUR months!! Who can beat that?

Later, my friend Kelly and I went to the American Cancer Society where I went to pick out a free wig. I chose this one.

But I HAD to try on this one. Not quite for me but I couldn't pass up trying on a Shirley Temple wig!!

If you know anyone who is facing any type of cancer diagnosis or has all ready been diagnosed please encourage them to search for (or search for them) things they can get for free because they have cancer. So far I got a free cancer binder (I found this AFTER I all ready made me awesome pink cancer binder!) from the Young Survival Coalition, a free tote bag from Tiger Lily Foundation (with a blanket, lotion, a journal and pen, shea butter soap bar, candle, Tiger Lily pink bracelet, healing stone and another pen), the gift basket at the hospital (with a TON of goodies in it) and now the maid service and a wig. I applied for and was approved for a head scarf from Good Wishes Scarves. And I am receiving the medications I have to take for the egg retrieval from Fertile Hope and they offer a discounted rate for the whole procedure.

When you are diagnosed, it is such devastating news. But you really have to work cancer in your favor. There is TONS of stuff out there waiting for cancer patients to just ask for. I'm looking forward to going to a class through Look Good Feel Better. They teach you how to apply make up (and hide any chemo effects) and even give you a goodie bag full of make up when you leave. In this area there are classes at every hospital every month. Chemo Angels, from my understanding, is a program that matches you with people who have previously gone through chemo that will mail you cards and presents while you undergo treatment. Then of course, there are trips. Casting for Recovery teaches women to fly fish on a weekend trip in different parts around the country.

Heavenly Hats is an organization that will mail you some free hats for any medical reason. The hats are donated so you can't pick out a certain style but you are mailed a couple of different ones. The ones you don't like you can mail back. And it looks like at Hats Off To Chemo you can request a certain type of hat (I just did!). Crickett's Answer to Cancer can provide wigs or hats, mastectomy bras, lymphedema sleeves or pampering services. Go to the Request Services page and fill out the application. I'm going to apply for another wig!

The Lydia Project provides a free tote, or a prayer, support, or emergency relief services. Cancer Care created a list of organizations that also offer financial assistance to anyone going through cancer. The organization for your specific cancer (if there is one) will offer tons of resources for emotional and financial assistance as needed. The American Cancer Society also offers rides to treatment for patients that cannot get there on their own and many other free services (including gas cards). Call your local office (703-998-5550 for the Vienna, VA office) and ASK how THEY can help YOU! That's what they are here for. If you need preventative screening a lot of organizations will pay for those as well. Check breast cancer charities to see if they will cover the cost of your mammogram or biopsy if you need one.

Lastly, I feel very strongly that I am the luckiest cancer patient in the world! I have the best support group around me, I've been brought meals, sent cards and presents and have been shuttled around to errands by great friends and family. At the end of all my treatments I am so ready to begin the "paying it forward" part of this journey. I have an amazing idea for a Non-Profit type of charity (its different than what you're used to!) and plan to volunteer with the organizations that have helped me through cancer. Without those volunteers and donations none of these free goodies would be possible! And when my hair finally comes back, I will be donating my wig(s) back to these organizations so that someone else can enjoy them. But before all of that, I am going to donate my hair to either Locks of Love which can make up to 3 wigs for kids under 21 battling cancer (you need at least 10 inches and can be dyed) or Pantene Beautiful Lengths (which needs 8 inches and cannot be dyed at all).

Please leave a comment if you know of any other FREE services for cancer patients with any type of cancer!


  1. Hello, My name is Wanda i have stage 1 kidney cancer

  2. my name is Nancy and I have breast cancer type two a and I'm going threw it again for a second time around and I'm feeling very ugly cause I don't have my beautiful hair and I also lost my both breast removed cause they got infected so can u plz help me so I could feel pretty again like before .

  3. I'm 17 years old recently got put into remission from Hodgkin's lymphoma stage 3b I was 16 when diagnosed since chemo I've had a lot of problems with my feet lots of infections pains n getting sick, for me loosing my hair I thought would be the worst part it was actually the easiest part of it all makeup was my outlet I would do my makeup do distract from my bald head I got made fun of people would say I was seeking attention when honestly I was jus a scared young lady fighting for my life next year I want to start medical school I plan to some day be an oncologist���� keep fighting never give up! I know how it feels to be told that you feel it's impossible but it's not you jus have to keep on pushing forward n always remeber your strong even when ur body gets weak love yourself always hair or no hair �� Don't ever think that your no beautiful hair nor necessities define a person it's your soul. Nothing is more beautiful than being strong ��

  4. Hi,
    Im Deborah Smith. I was diagnosed at 26 yrs old in December 23rd, 2009 and now I an 33 yrs old. Ive had several reoccurring tumors from stage 4 mets breast cancer, so 2 days ago i received my last scan results and now its spreading in my liver, lung and several tumors all over my brain. So I have to start chemo again and radiation on my whole brain....lucky me lol! So if anyone knows of anything that could help or lift my spirits even, i would be very grateful.
    Thank you all,
    Deborah Smith

  5. Hugs to you all. Just diagnosed with peritoneal cancer at age 58. Let's support each other:

  6. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma stage 3 AX in July 2017. My first chemo was on September 11th 2017.

    29 year old
    Theresa Rees
    Thank You